About Us

After 13 years and 3400 dives as a professional diver, Dan decided to take up welding as a career following the footsteps of family members. Both his older brother Dave, a graduate of PVI in 1979, and his grandfather John Field, a machinist, inventor & founder of Field's Welding Supplies one of the largest welding supply companies in BC (until its sale to Air Liquide in 1970), were major influences. Dan has been welding & fabricating as a hobby for many years in both the off road and diving sectors before becoming a certified welder through various Camosun College programs in 2008.

Dan Bauer

Dan carries on his Gradfather's legacy of innovative and quality welding and fabrication service.

Grandpa Field's Acetelyn torch

The prototype acetylene circle torch, invented by John Field (Dan's Grandfather).